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"Some monsters occupy multiple beds. When you need more beds, upgrade the castle."

The Castle is a Structure that allows for Monsters to be placed on an Island - each castle provides a certain number of beds for monsters. Aside from Gold Island, each island starts with the same Basic Castle and the progression through the castles is the same, with the same number of beds for each level of castle (the number of beds per castle is increased on Ethereal Island, due to the fact that Ethereal Monsters occupy large numbers of beds), but the time and cost required and Experience granted for each upgrade differs based on the island. Gold Island has a single castle - the Crystal Castle - which does not have a bed limit, and cannot be upgraded.

There are two mini-games that you can play from the Castle; you can learn more about them by clicking on the links below:

The Castle produces a bass sound. However, it cannot be heard until you have at least a Modest Castle.

In the following table, the number of beds shown is given as the number on all islands except Ethereal, followed by a slash and the number of beds on Ethereal Island.

Castle Image Castle Beds

Basic Castle

"Singing takes a lot of energy, and monsters need sleep! The Basic Castle really isn't very comfy at all; the rain gets through, it's drafty, and cramped."


Modest Castle

"It's great to have a good night's sleep! The Modest Castle is dry and warm, but small."


Comfortable Castle

"Ah, some elbow room! The Comfortable Castle even has indoor plumbing."


Spacious Castle

"The Spacious Castle has lots of room for monsters to relax and refresh."


Luxurious Castle

"It just doesn't get any better than this! The Luxurious Castle has everything a monster might enjoy, from cold slime pools to dark, nasty dungeons. Who would ever want to leave?"

Extravagant Castle

Extravagant Castle

"This state of the art domicile goes way overboard when it comes to spoiling the monsters...  Personal assistants to wait on them hand and foot (at least those that have hands and feet), the spiffiest sound systems on the monster market...  They've got it made in the shade."

Paradise Castle

Paradise Castle

"After agreeing that more beds equals more fun, the monsters set out to create the most capacious castle ever - and what better inspiration than Gold Island's own Crystal Castle? Following extensive study of the original architectural marvel, the multiverse's finest architects were tapped to craft the new castle in its image. After the smoke cleared, there was no question - this is the be-all and end-all of monster living arrangements. Welcome to paradise!"

  • When first introduced, the Extravagant Castle had a maximum of 52 beds. However with the update to version 1.1.3, the maximum beds was increased to 60.
  • The castle on Shugabush Island does not produce any bass sound. Instead, Shugabass produce a bass sound.
  • The Vita version of the game currently does not include the Paradise Castle. However, the PC version does.
  • For a long time, there was a hint of a new castle being added. The hint could be viewed from the log-on screen hints and tips. It said, "The Extravagant Castle is the Maximum Castle. For now."  This hint has now been realized in the Paradise Castle.

Castle Image Castle Beds
Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle (only on Gold Island)

"Although shaped like a castle, this mysterious structure actually serves as the main power generator in the monster dimension of the multiverse!  It's from here that monsters derive their musical inspiration, as well as their tireless energy so that they can keep singing forever!"


Plant Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 500 Coin 20 seconds 375 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 3,000 Coin 1 hour 750 XP icon
Spacious Castle 15,000 Coin 4 hours 3,750 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 30,000 Coin 6 hours 7,500 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 20 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 40 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Cold Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 50,000 Coin 8 hours 12,500 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 100,000 Coin 10 hours 25,000 XP icon
Spacious Castle 250,000 Coin 12 hours 62,500 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 500,000 Coin 14 hours 125,000 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 25 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 50 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Air Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 1,000,000 Coin 16 hours 250,000 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 1,500,000 Coin 18 hours 375,000 XP icon
Spacious Castle 2,500,000 Coin 20 hours 625,000 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 4,000,000 Coin 22 hours 1,000,000 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 30 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 60 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Water Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 6,500,000 Coin 24 hours 1,625,000 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 7,500,000 Coin 26 hours 1,875,000 XP icon
Spacious Castle 8,500,000 Coin 28 hours 2,125,000 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 9,250,000 Coin 30 hours 2,312,500 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 35 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 70 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Earth Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 11,750,000 Coin 32 hours 2,937,500 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 13,250,000 Coin 34 hours 3,312,500 XP icon
Spacious Castle 15,000,000 Coin 36 hours 3,750,000 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 16,750,000 Coin 48 hours 4,187,500 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 40 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 80 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Ethereal Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 525 Shard 12 hours 375 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 800 Shard 14 hours 750 XP icon
Spacious Castle 1,375 Shard 16 hours 3750 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 2,250 Shard 18 hours 7500 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 30 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14000 XP icon
Paradise Castle 60 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Shugabush Island

Castle Cost Time XP
Modest Castle 50,000 Coin 8 hours 12,500 XP icon
Comfortable Castle 100,000 Coin 10 hours 25,000 XP icon
Spacious Castle 250,000 Coin 12 hours 62,000 XP icon
Luxurious Castle 500,000 Coin 14 hours 125,000 XP icon
Extravagant Castle 30 Diamond25px 8 hours 20 minutes 14,000XP icon
Paradise Castle 60 Diamond25px 16 hours 28,000 XP icon

Luxuriouscastle200 Nursery Breeding Bakery
Castle Nursery Breeding Structure Bakery
Time Machine Mini-Mine IMG 1107 Recording Studio
Time Machine Mini-Mine Maximum Mine Recording Studio
Unity Tree Storage Shed Humble Hotel Wishing Torch
Unity Tree Storage Structure Hotel Structure Wishing Torch

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