Msm buyback

The Buyback option at the end of the List of Monsters

The Buyback command is found in the Market if you have sold a monster on your island. If you sell a monster and want to buy it back, it is found at the end of the monsters section. You can buy it back for the sell price, and it doesn't require incubation. Additionally, the monster will be at the same level it was at before it was sold.


  • Selling a Wublin with eggs will sell 75% of the Wublin and the combined egg value. However, when using buyback, it only gives the inactive Wublin with the cost of 3,750 Coins 2.0 to buy it.
  • This feature is not available in Composer Island Market. This may be due to the fact that it would be tricky to get monster's notes back.

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