The Astropod is a bizzare amalgam of seemingly incompatible features that come together to create a truly unique Monster performer. The electricity that courses through its Wublin body manifests itself between its antlers and in the color-shifting tufts on its shell. Conversing with an Astropod is a complicated affair, as the slightest movement of its puny upper arms communicates nuanced subtexts and exposed veiled thoughts.


Astropod is the 15th Wublin in Wublin Island.

It was teased in a word-search puzzle, in which you eliminate the other Wublin names and find the remaining letters. [1]. The answer is "Wublin Astropod".

The gif file the Monster Handlers posted on Facebook with the shadow of the Wubbox (insert) may hold secrets that, at the time, was not thought of to be Astropod.

The Astropod resembles an upright nudibranch with a vibrant purple shell on its back along with small purple spots on its underside that light up when it plays. It has two large arms on its sides that rest on the ground and two tiny yellow upper arms near its chest. Its face has small eyes, a purple underbite, sprouting two visible teeth, with a small yellow goatee underneath the underbite and a pair of purple antlers. It also has a tuft on its purple shell that changes color and resembles a tuft on an actual nudibranch. Electricity can be seen between its antlers.


My Singing Monsters - Astropod 2

It plays an electronic sound reminiscent of a keytar. It adds a verse to the very beginning of Wublin Island's song, accompanied by the Thwok and Dwumrohl. It proceeds to play through the island's former first verse, and in the verse after the Whajje's, Zuuker's, and Pixolotl's first time singing (When the Dermit and Blipsqueak joins in).


Earning rate

The Astropod, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate.

Powering Up

The Astropod requires 5 Deedge, 8 Scups, 5 Shellbeat, 10 Toe Jammer, 8 Reedling, 6 Spunge eggs. There is a time limit of 10 days needed to power it up.


To fill this wublin, you should have the rare versions of Deedge and Shellbeat. If you don't, you'll have to use a Triple-Element and One-Element. Start with breeding the Deedges on Cold Island, Scupses on Air Island, Shellbeats on Water Island and Reedlings on Earth Island. When the Deedges and Shellbeats are done, use Cold and Water Islands for breeding the Spunges. The Toe-Jammers can be bred on the empty Plant Island.

Name Origins

The name comes from "Gastropod", a term describing snails and slugs, and "Astro", meaning related to stars.


  • It breaks the pattern of releasing an instrumental Wublin, and then a vocal Wublin.
  • The January teaser confirms (or suggests) that the Wubbox is the creator of the Wublins by its shadow.
    • Many fans, however, though Wubbox itself was coming, even when the teaser revealed the Wublin as Astropod and were noticeably disappointed when it wasn't Wubbox who arrived.
  • Astropod resembles a purple aplysia, a genus of gastropods.
  • Astropod's statue has eyedots.
  • Astropod and Fleechwurm are the only Wublin‘s that don’t play with Pixolotl.
  • This Wublin is the first Wublin not to have its music featured in the Wublin Island tutorial.
  • This Wublin is the second wublin not to have its music in the Wublin Island soundtrack. The first one is Scargo. The third,fourth and fifth is Pixolotl, Bona-Petite and Maulch.
  • Coincidently, both Astropod and Scargo are based off mollusks.
  • On the 26th of February, 2017, Big Blue Bubble released a gif stating five facts about the newest 5 Wublins. The facts for Astropod are:
    • Gravitates towards foreign films.
    • Underside of its "foot" said to resemble a star.
    • Shed shell tufts make great mood rings.

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