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Applesauce is the first Masher Crafting Item and overall second Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game. Its market price is 36 - 60(?) Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 2 as part of the tutorial.


The Crafting Item Applesauce is a red bowl of applesauce with a thin slice of apple on top.




To craft an Applesauce, 2 Apple (Apple) are required to be made and be processed in the Masher. Starting crafting of a Applesauce requires dragging the "Applesauce" icon into the Structure once. It requires 30 seconds to complete crafting of one Applesauce, down to 20 seconds on a max-level Masher.

Once a Applesauce has finished production, it can be collected for 1 Experience.

Market availability





Skyship requirements



It is easy to make a mass-production of Applesauce when making lots of Apples for the Applesauce production. Have plenty of slots for your Masher(s) and grow plenty of Apples, either single Apples or Apple x5's (if you have 6 slots or more vacant in your Vault). Place as many Applesauces into the Masher(s) as possible and wait 30 seconds for each new one to come out. Collect some Apples beforehand and place more Apples into the Masher(s). Ensure the Applesauces are taken to the Market to be sold or used for Apple Juice because you might accidentally make your Vault too full (or unless you have plenty of slots then that is okay).

If you use Apple x5's for your Apples, then pick up all Applesauces, use or sell the Applesauces in any way, pick up one Apple x5, then place two Applesauces into the Masher. Quickly pick up another Apple x5 and place as many Applesauces into the Masher as possible. Repeat this process until all Masher(s) for the Applesauces are full or until all Apple 5x's are used, whichever happens first.


  • This is the second-fastest Crafting Item, behind Apple.

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