Achievements are tasks for players to complete in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire. They are similar to Goals, except that each Achievement is essentially a cumulative reward for prolonged regular gameplay. Each Achievement has three levels which may be completed - bronze, silver, and gold - and reward diamonds for completion.

Achievements may be seen by opening the Goals window and tapping the tab at the top.

List of Achievements

Achievement name and objective Bronze Silver Gold
Number Reward Number Reward Number Reward

They Grow Up So Fast

  • Teleport X baby monsters
5 5DiamondDoF25px 10 10DiamondDoF25px 50 75Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)

Sell Monsters

  • Sell X Monsters
25 25DiamondDoF25px 100 50DiamondDoF25px 500 100DiamondDoF25px


10 5DiamondDoF25px 250 25DiamondDoF25px 750 100DiamondDoF25px

Be Fruitful and Multiply

10 5DiamondDoF25px 100 20DiamondDoF25px 1000 50DiamondDoF25px

Save Up

  • Earn X coins
250,000 10DiamondDoF25px 1,000,000 15DiamondDoF25px 5,000,000 25DiamondDoF25px

On Fire!

  • Place X Monsters with the Fire Element on the Continent
10 5DiamondDoF25px 25 15DiamondDoF25px 100 50DiamondDoF25px

Seek and Find

  • Find X Crystals hidden on the Continent
5 5DiamondDoF25px 50 10DiamondDoF25px 250 25DiamondDoF25px

The Monster Mash

25 5DiamondDoF25px 100 10DiamondDoF25px 1000 25DiamondDoF25px

Bake Off

  • Bake X items in the Bakery
25 10DiamondDoF25px 200 20DiamondDoF25px 2000 50DiamondDoF25px


  • Place X decorations
5 5DiamondDoF25px 50 25DiamondDoF25px 500 50Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)

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