For the Dawn of Fire achievements, see Achievements (Dawn of Fire).

There are 17 achievements available to earn in My Singing Monsters. Such achievements are only available for Android devices; they are not available to iOS devices whatsoever, not even in Game Center.

Achievement Requirement
Tmp 1989892315
We'll Inherit the Earth Get all Earth Island Monsters
Down to earth
Down to Earth Get Earth Island
Go into the water
Go into the Water Get all Water Island Monsters
In the air
In the Air Get all Air Island Monsters
Baby its cold outside
Baby, it's cold outside Get all Cold Island Monsters
Build me up buttercup
Build Me Up Buttercup Get all Plant Island monsters
Happy when it rains
Happy When it Rains Get Water Island
Gone platinum
Gone Platinum Get a level 15 Monster
Rare monster
Rare Monster Get a 4 Element Monster
In the air tonight
In the Air Tonight Get Air Island
Clean sweep
Clean Sweep Clear all Obstacles on an Island
Cold as ice
Cold as Ice Get Cold Island
Triple trouble
Triple Trouble Get a 3 Element Monster
Mommys little monster
Mommy's Little Monster Get a monster 100% happy

  • There may be a glitch that occasionally prevents this achievement from being awarded.
Pump up the volume
Pump up the Volume Reach level 10
How to make a monster
How to Make a Monster Breed a monster
My beloved monster
My Beloved Monster Get a Monster


  • On iOS, achievements are earned on Game Center. On Android, they are earned on Google Play. On Vita, they exist as trophies, all bronze.
  • PC players via Big Fish Games do not have these achievements available to them at all.