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• 6/16/2018

what level do Grumpyre need to be able to breed?

I’ve already breed a Grumpyre and i want to make a new monster from Grumpyre and another monster. The question is what level do Grumpyre require to be able to breed? 4? Or 10? Or maybe more? Please answer
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• 6/18/2018
Grumpyres and other ethereals aren’t able to breed except on ethereal island
• 6/26/2018
All monsters can breed at level 4 or higher
• 6/27/2018
Unlike other Monsters, Grumpyre has a special Elemental standpoint. It cannot breed with any Monsters other than other Ethereal Monsters, and even then this process can only occur on Ethereal Island, once it has been fed to level 15 and Teleported to Ethereal Island.
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