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Hi guys im a long time Msm player and have started a new tribe recently, i cant seem to find a tribe that sits around 35+ so i made my own, im trying to get all amonsters so give me a unique one please, i am currently the only member. once we reach about 22 players i will start to kick unactive players . my friend code is: 65577407JH 

Thanks, Manatee
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Hey manatee, what would you like the average weekly level to be at for monsters? Keep in mind, im at level 40, so i can go as high as you please.
Awesome i dont see u on requests
sorry i was away for 3 days. please request again
Well, I did find a level 100 tribe and joined it, and the mamotte is level 74, do you just want to transfer there? I can invite you. I think this may be a better option. We also need a quibble. You can also invite sinister.
i mean after sunday tho
sinister would u join 2??
Alright, in the meantime ill just invite you. btw sorry man, I kinda grew impatient, hope you understand.
I requested to be accepted in. If you could accept me in that would be great!
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